Age of Gaming E11 - Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Age of Gaming is your podcast dedicated to video games present and future and celebrating the journey of gamer culture from your mom’s basement to the mainstream. Today I give my first impressions of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.


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Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

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Graphics and sound are amazing. Great cloth textures and hair.

The dirt is super cool too. Lara seems destined to be dirty. She’ll fall in water and get clean, but then moments later something happens to get her dirty again.

Really nice to have a strong female protagonist.

Gameplay is really fun. Controls are smooth and intuitive. Lots of variety in the game play.

3rd person shooter aspect with bow, rifle, pistol, shotgun, and melee/hand-to-hand.

Survival elements are fun. Hunting animals for xp and supplies.

Lots of hidden things to find in the world.

Optional tombs with some fun puzzles to solve. Although Lara starts giving hints a little too quickly for my taste.

The slow motion during the “sort of cut scenes” are really fun. Gives you a chance to realize what you’re supposed to do and react without losing tension or momentum.

The story is engaging.

Poor Lara is constantly getting her ass kicked. Her ability to suffer injuries like being impaled and keep going after some minor first aid aren’t realistic, but it’s a video game.

Sometimes making camp a stones-throw from enemies is kind of weird.

The supernatural elements are weird too. The game has this gritty realism (for a video game) and then suddenly there’s supernatural stuff. Kind of bizarre and jarring.

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