Green Dragons of Primordia

All dragons in Primordia use the innate spellcasting variant (see the text box on page 86 of the Monster Manual). This is the second in a series of write-ups on dragons in Primordia. Part 1 detailed Red Dragons of Primordia.

A Note on Alignment & Personality

Green dragons in Primordia have just as much free will as any other sentient creature. Information on personality and alignment given here and in the MM should be considered to describe the tendencies of behavior for an average green dragon (if there even is such a thing). DMs should use this information as a starting point for developing a given dragon’s personality but shouldn’t feel bound by it. Each individual dragon’s experiences and choices has as much influence on its personality and alignment as these tendencies. The information given represents a dragon’s instinctual behavior, so even a dragon that is normally quite different may exhibit these tendencies when under stress.

Green Dragons of Primordia

Green dragons have always been among my favorites of the chromatic dragons. They’re an excellent nemesis for any adventure that takes place in or near a forest. Green dragons are the most treacherous and cunning of the dragons, so they can be a lot of fun for a DM to roleplay. A green dragon isn’t just a thuggish, powerful adversary. A green dragon will always have a scheme and an end game, and it will never share its true goals with the PCs. This is a chance for the GM to use an intelligent adversary that always seems to be a step ahead of the characters.

Green dragons are also cunning in that they like to choose their battles. They’ll often observe a future foe in secret, learning its strengths, weaknesses, tactics and strategies. A green dragon that initiates a conflict with the PCs will be prepared. It will have observed them (either physically, magically, or through minions), and it will be prepared for their tactics and tricks. This is a great chance for the DM to throw an “unfair” encounter at the players—an adversary who has the advantage and knows how to use it. Players are used to being the ones with the advantage in most situations, so an intelligent and prepared green dragon can not only be a welcome change of pace, it can also be a reminder that there are forces in the world much more powerful and informed than the player characters.

Green dragons are also very charismatic and excel at manipulation. A green dragon could be an excellent possible patron of quest-giver for the PCs. The two parties can work together as long as their interests are aligned, but as soon as they’re not, the green dragon will make its move for ultimate advantage. This can be a very fun reversal to roleplay.

Green dragons love having minions, and you can check the MM for some ideas of common minions, but don’t let yourself be limited by this. Any creature that is in the dragon’s environment and can be strong-armed, bribed, manipulated or coerced could be a minion. There are limitless possibilities here. Maybe an NPC the PCs know and respect secretly works for a green dragon. Perhaps the green dragon in the area has acquired someone important as a thrall, and the PCs must rescue this person. PCs themselves could also become the servants of a green dragon if they’re not careful.

The following spell lists are suggestions. An individual green dragon’s spells could and should vary. However, these lists represent the kind of spells green dragons like to employ and can be used whole cloth by a DM in a hurry.

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Green dragons love spells like detect thoughts, invisibility, greater invisibility, etherealness, and true seeing because these spells are great tools for gathering information and spying on potential foes. Green dragons love information and the power it gives them over others. Geas and mass suggestion are great spells for bending minions to a green dragon’s will.

Green dragons often learn and enjoy the polymorph spell. The ability to take a humanoid shape can be very useful in attracting and securing minions and thralls. For this reason, green dragonborn are a possibility in the world, and are the most common chromatic-descended dragonborn encountered.

Adventure Idea

A powerful green dragon resides deep in a nearby forest. Attractive and influential people in nearby settlements have begun disappearing without a trace. Some were last seen talking to a stranger no one recognizes. If the PCs investigate, the stranger turns out to be the green dragon polymorphed into human form. The missing people have been taken by the dragon as thralls to serve it in its lair.

The PCs can find the dragon’s lair and try to secure the release of the prisoners. This could be done through negotiation or perhaps through stealth or force, depending on which way the players and the DM want to take it. It should not be easy, however. If the PCs try negotiating, the dragon will want something dear and valuable in return, something the PCs won’t want to give up. If the PCs try stealth or force, neither will be easy and the deck will be stacked against them.

The DM should come up with a scheme that the green dragon is working toward. Perhaps another dragon is encroaching on its territory. If the PCs can drive off the other dragon, they may be able to convince the green to free some of its thralls. Perhaps the green dragon has political motivations and wants political power in the human arena via its polymorphed form.

A green dragon makes an excellent Machiavellian nemesis for an extended campaign. The PCs can encounter it at low level, and maybe even work for it for a time, before they realize the truth of its goals. As they progress through the campaign they can slowly learn that the dragon is at the center of a web of intrigue and may ultimately decide it’s worth the risk to try to end the dragon’s influence on the area.

Green Dragon Magic

Young Green Dragon

Casts 2 spells at level 2, once per long rest each.
Spell save DC 13, spell attack bonus +5

  • Detect Thoughts

  • Invisibility

Adult Green Dragon

Casts 3 spells at level 5, once per long rest each.
Spell save DC 16, spell attack bonus +8

  • Detect Thoughts

  • Geas

  • Greater Invisibility

Ancient Green Dragon

Casts 4 spells at level 7, once per long rest each.
Spell save DC 19, spell attack bonus +11

  • Mass Suggestion

  • Etherealness

  • Polymorph

  • True Seeing

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