Podcaster PSA: How to See Your iTunes Reviews from Other Countries

One of the (countless) things I hate about iTunes is it segregates itself by country, so you only see podcast reviews from users in your own country. 

I looked high and low to try to find out how to see reviews from other countries, as I know it's possible to do. Although I found people willing to take my money to share the reviews with me, I couldn't find how to do it myself. 

Recently a listener clued me in to how I can see the reviews in other countries. It's so simple (and obvious) that I had a forehead-slap moment when he told me. 

1. Go to your podcast in iTunes. Right click on your album art and select "Open Link". This will take you to the iTunes page for your podcast on the web. 

2.  Look at the URL. You will see a two letter code for your country after itunes.apple.com/ (US is US). The URL for one of my shows is:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/game-masters-journey-gm-wisdom/id963947734?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D8

3. Replace your two-letter country code with the code for the country you're interested in. Hit Enter. You can find all the country codes here (you can also probably guess them, I did for the countries I was interested in).

Now, you still can't see everything at once, but if you have stats and pay attention to them at all, then you already know which countries you're interested in. For example I'm primarily interested in Canada, Australia and Great Britain as that's where most of my non-US listeners are.

This is super easy to do, and it's only something you'll need/want to do once in a blue moon anyway.

A couple caveats here, unfortunately. You will only see up to three or so reviews (scroll to the bottom of the screen), and you can only see your total number of reviews and average rating for that country on the website. If you have a lot of reviews from that country, you won't be able to see all of them, and you won't be able to see the breakdown of how many gave you 5 stars, how many gave you 4, etc. like you can in iTunes.