Compilation of Sage Advice Segments on the Dragon Talk Podcast

I really learn a lot by listening to Jeremy Crawford's Sage Advice segments on the D&D Podcast, Dragon Talk. Unfortunately, he's not on every episode, and it can be time consuming trying to find the relevant episodes on their website.

I finally broke down and compiled all episodes with Sage Advice segments for myself, so I thought I'd share the list with you. I'll try to keep this up-to-date. Please let me know if I've missed any.

You can listen to the episodes on the site, but unfortunately, you can't actually download the episodes from the website, so you have to find the podcast with your app of choice, and then find the episodes there. To aid in this frustrating process, I'll give the release date of the relevant episodes. I also give the starting point of the actual Sage Advice segment. This list gives the Sage Advice topic as opposed to the podcast episode title/topic.

Sage Advice Segments

11/17/16 - Armor Class Calculations (6:51)

12/01/16 - The Lucky Feat (2:58)

01/19/17 - Spell Targeting (5:18)

02/02/17 - Temporary Hit Points (4:10)

02/09/17 - Reactions (4:45)

04/05/17 - Druid Wild Shape (5:40)

04/27/17 - Stealth & Invisibility (8:58)

05/04/17 - Multiclassing (9:35)