Expanse The Unofficial Podcast 02 - Introducing Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata

This week we introduce Dominique Tipper who plays Naomi Nagata on The Expanse. We also reveal why Naomi is Lex's favorite character and Nikki's second-favorite character and why Lex thinks long hair in zero-g is a bad idea. Finally, can we please excise sexism from the English language? Thank you.

Image Copyright SyFy International

Image Copyright SyFy International


We introduce you to Dominique Tipper who plays Naomi Nagata.

UPDATE: Dominique Tipper does not have a website. We apologize for our mistake. However you can follow Miss Tipper on Instagram.

Follow her on Twitter @Mi55Tipper.

Why Naomi is Lex’s favorite and Nikki’s second-favorite character.

Why Lex thinks long hair in zero g is a bad idea.

Can we please excise sexism from the English language? Thank you.

Expanse Novels & Stories in Publication Order

This is the best order to read the stories in.

Drive - short story about the maiden voyage of the Epstein drive. Read for free or you can get it in print in the Edge of Infinity anthology.

Leviathan Wakes - the first novel. New readers should start here.

The Butcher of Anderson Station - short story about Fred Johnson. Get the ebook.

Caliban's War - book 2.

Gods of Risk - novella about Bobbie's nephew. Get the ebook.

Abaddon's Gate - book 3.

The Churn - novella about Amos Burton before he joined the Canterbury. Get the ebook.

Cibola Burn - book 4.

Nemesis Games - book 5.

The Vital Abyss - novella. Get the ebook.

Babylon's Ashes - book 6, coming soon. Pre-order on Amazon.

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