Game Master's Journey 100: Episode 100 Celebration - The Past, Present & Future of Game Master's Journey

Welcome to season 6 and the 100th episode of Game Master's Journey! Pour yourself a drink and strap in for this mega-episode! I discuss the past, present and future of the show, and this episode is jam-packed with your feedback.


NPC Cast podcast

RPG Academy podcast

Campaign Update

Updates on my Curse of Strahd campaign.

Thoughts on the Death House adventure. Check out my blog post on running Death House.

Listener Feedback

The Whiskey Rebellion podcast

Check the comments in the post for this GM Intrusions episode for lots of GM Intrusions ideas.

Interview with Monte Cook

Interview with Shanna Germain

Interview with Bruce Cordell

Knights of the Night podcast

Give me your worldbuilding prompts on the Primordia subreddit.

Main Segment

More Segments Coming in Season 6:

  • Monster of the Week
  • Inspirations
  • Reviews
  • Antagonists & Protagonists
  • Worldbuilding

Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff podcast

Gods & Icons Kickstarter for 13th Age & d20

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