Game Master's Journey 101: You Can Be a Game Master with Matthew Colville

Matthew Colville joins me on the show to discuss the art of game mastering. He has fantastic insights on running RPGs, and he shares some war stories as well. There are lots of great GMing tips in this episode!

Topics & Links

Curse of Strahd

Watch Chris Perkins run Curse of Strahd on Dice, Camera, Action.

Running sandbox games

Building encounters and encounter balance in fifth edition

Improvising your own monster variants

Running encounters

Matthew has a great idea for running an encounter with a co-GM – the “GM threat die”.

How to run especially smart or dumb monsters

The skill challenge from 4e – get x successes before you get y failures. Have a couple or few skills PCs can use for the challenge.

Having your big bad guy played by someone you know in the real world


Top-down vs bottom-up worldbuilding

Building your campaign map

Words of encouragement for potential new GMs

Read Playing at the World to learn more about the history of D&D and RPGS.

Don’t let the dream of the perfect game or experience get in the way of starting as a GM.

Check out Matthew's fantasy novels, Priest and Thief

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Matthew's RPG videos mentioned in the interview:

Matthew's video on using or not using a GM screen

Video on making your first adventure

Story of the green slaad

Running the Game, series of tips and advice for GMs

The History of D&D, One Fighter at a Time

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