Game Master's Journey 109: Worldbuilding 13: A More Attractive Cleric Part 3 - Making Clerics Awesome in Your World

Today I return to my discussion of the cleric in D&D. We spent the previous two episodes outlining the problem and posing possible solutions. Today I’ll go into what I think is the best solution we have—using your setting to make the cleric awesome. I’ll discuss some of the ways I’m trying to do this with my own homebrew world of Primordia.

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  4. Ancient History & PC Races
  5. Back to the Drawing Board
  6. Welcome to Primordia
  7. The Primordia Campaign Begins
  8. Building My First City Elandria
  9. My Take on Alignment
  10. Hades, He Who Laughs Last
  11. Fitting Ideas Together & Exploring the Consequences
  12. Portals of Primordia

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