Game Master's Journey 112: Worldbuilding 14 - Merchants, Nobles, Economies, Religion & More

In this unplugged feedback episode I discuss a variety of worldbuilding topics guided by your feedback. The topics include the delicate balance of power among the merchants, nobles and Queen of Elandria, the religious and cultural diversity of Primordia, and much more.

Previous Worldbuilding Episodes:

  1. Brainstorming Big Picture Ideas
  2. The Gods Part 1
  3. The Gods Part 2
  4. Ancient History & PC Races
  5. Back to the Drawing Board
  6. Welcome to Primordia
  7. The Primordia Campaign Begins
  8. Building My First City Elandria
  9. My Take on Alignment
  10. Hades, He Who Laughs Last
  11. Fitting Ideas Together & Exploring the Consequences
  12. Portals of Primordia
  13. Making Clerics Awesome in Your World

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