Game Master's Journey 117: Handling Off-the-Wall PC Actions On-the-Fly

Today's topic is making rulings on the fly as a GM--specifically, calling for rolls that aren’t necessarily covered by your system of choice. You don’t need (or want!) a game to give you a mechanic for every little thing. Once you’ve grasped the basic resolution mechanics of a game, you can apply that knowledge to resolve any crazy thing the PCs come up with to try. I’ll use the current incarnation of D&D as an example.

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Rules References

Saving Throw Abilities: DMG page 238

Abilities, Ability Checks, and Skills: PHB pages 175-179

DCs and Difficulties (PHB 174):

 5 - Very Easy
10 - Easy
15 - Medium
20 - Hard
25 - Very Hard
30 - Nearly Impossible

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