Game Master's Journey 130: Primordia 2.0 - Improving Your World Through Revision

Today I’ll discuss some revisions I’m considering for Primordia as I begin preparations for my first campaign in the setting. I’ll also answer a few remaining listener questions about the setting. This is a great example of how worldbuilding is a process that never truly ends. Never be afraid to make necessary revisions to your setting, even when you already have campaigns up and running.

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Primordia 2.0

While I’m making these revisions to my setting, I’m trying to avoid creating any of the deus ex machina messes we see in the Realms. 

I also discuss my new Storm King’s Thunder campaign, and I talk about some of what I like and don’t like about running adventures in the Forgotten Realms in fifth edition. I talk about the decision to run in a homebrew setting versus a published setting. I also talk about walking the middle road between your own setting and a published setting.


The Event & The Retreat

PC Race Options

Joining the Guild of Adventurers

Gifts of Primordia

Strongholds & Followers

Listener Questions about Primordia


Deities and demigods in Primordia other than The Nine

Mary Sue NPCs in campaign settings

How much of the world of Primordia have I actually developed?

Druids & Rangers of Primordia

Exotic mounts and Elandria

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