Game Master's Journey 131: Keeping the Game Going Between Sessions Part 2

Today I return to the topic of gaming between sessions. How do we keep the story going, and keep players engaged, in between our gaming sessions? I’ve got some great ideas from listeners that I’ll share with you.

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Check out the first episode on this topic, episode 129.

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Gaming Between Sessions Resources:

Google+ Community – Provides a forum for your group and scheduling for games. If you play on Hangouts, this is the way to go. Interfaces with Google Calendar & Events, so you’ll get updates & reminders on your phone. Integrates well with Hangouts Messenger for text messages between & during sessions (on phone or computer). To begin, just click the "create community" button.  

Google Hangouts - Follow the link and click "Message" to send text messages to your players. You can also get the Hangouts app on your phone, so you can send and receive these messages on the go. You can click on "Video Call" on this same page to open a video hangout to play your game.

Google Docs - You can use this between sessions for a more play-by-post format.

Roll20 – Forum for your group, virtual tabletop. Space is very limited on free account. If you plan to use a lot of images, maps, etc., I recommend using another option like G+ community instead.

OneNote – You can use OneNote in so many ways. You can set up a notebook as your campaign setting sourcebook, you GM and campaign notes, etc. You can also share a notebook with your players and use it for a campaign wiki/guide. You can get OneNote for free, or get the paid version with office that has a few more features, but you can do great with the free version. OneNote is probably your best solution for a campaign wiki as it’s by far the most powerful and user-friendly. You can bring in anything—copy+paste from web pages, bring in images, audio, video, etc. Easy to create wiki-style cross-links between pages, etc.

Obsidian Portal – Forum and wiki. Not as user friendly nor as attractive as other options, but it’ll do the job. The wiki can be useful but takes quite a bit of set up. This is probably more an option for people already using it. If you’re not already using Obsidian Portal, there are better options that are easier (and quicker) to learn and use and have more features.

Facebook Group – similar to Google+ Community without all the functionality.

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