GMJ 137: The GM as Rules Arbiter and PHB Introduction & Chapter 1: Using the Random Height & Weight Table

As game masters we wear many hats, and there are a lot of skillsets involved. Today I discuss the GM as rules arbiter. When it comes to the rules of an RPG, the buck stops at the GM. Most RPGs have a rule zero which gives the GM ultimate authority when it comes to the rules, not the books or developers of the game. Second, I will begin a series of segments in which I will dig into the PHB and DMG. If you’ve been asking for episodes on how to play and/or run RPGs, this is for you! Hopefully I’ll tease out some gems from these books you didn’t even know were there.

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Check out Lex’s latest D&D supplement!


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The Roles of the GM - GM as Rules Arbiter

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Specific Beats General, Round Down, The Three Pillars of Adventure,

Tiers of Play

Using the Random Height & Weight table, Inspiration

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