GMJ 140: PHB Chapter 7: D&D Ability Scores & When to Call for a Check

I dig into chapter 7 of the Player’s Handbook and discuss ability checks. I tell you how you can determine which ability and skill to use for a check and how to assign the DC for a check. I also touch on helping, group checks, encumbrance, and hiding in combat. Finally, I provide some insight on how to know when to ask for a roll, and when not to.

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PHB Chapter 7 - Ability Checks

How to determine the DC of a check

Passive ability & skill scores

How to know what ability to use for a check

How to know which skill to apply to a check

Helping other characters

Group checks—when to use & when not to use

Carrying capacity & encumbrance

Hiding in comba

When to call for a roll

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The importance of time pressure

Random encounters as time pressure

How to know when to call for a check, and how to determine the consequence of a failure on that check

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