GMJ 145: PHB Chapter 9: D&D Combat Rules

Lex launches into an in-depth discussion of the combat rules of D&D. If you have any questions about the rules, or you'd just like a refresher, this is the episode for you.

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Lex continues his in-depth exploration and explanation of the D&D Player's Handbook. This week he digs into Chapter 9: Combat. 

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The Order of Combat



Your turn

Bonus actions

Other activity on your turn


Movement and Position

Breaking up your move

Moving between attacks

Using different speeds

Difficult terrain

Being prone

Moving around other creatures

Flying movement

Creature size

Squeezing into a smaller space

Actions in Combat


Cast a spell







Please Note: I forgot to point out that when you ready an action, you only get to make one attack with that action, even if you have the multiattack feature or use two weapons. This makes sense because when you take your readied action, you're using your reaction, and you only get one attack with a reaction. 


Use an object

Making an Attack

Attack rolls

Modifiers to the roll

Rolling 1 or 20

Unseen attackers and targets

Ranged attacks


Ranged attacks in close combat

Melee attacks

Opportunity attacks

Two-weapon fighting


Shoving a creature


Damage and Healing

Hit points

Damage rolls

Critical hits

Damage types

Damage resistance and vulnerability


Dropping to 0 hit points

Instant death

Falling unconscious

Death saving throws

Stabilizing a creature

Monsters and death

Knocking a creature out

Temporary hit points

Mounted Combat

Mounting and dismounting

Controlling a mount

Underwater Combat

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