GMJ 146: PHB Chapter 10 & Appendices: Spellcasting, Conditions & Exhaustion in D&D 5th Edition

This week Lex concludes his in-depth discussion of the D&D Player's Handbook with an exploration of the spellcasting, conditions and exhaustion rules.

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Jeremy Crawford's Sage Advice segment on spell targeting

Post-It dividers mentioned on the show (Amazon referral link)

What is a Spell?

Known and Prepared Spells

Spell Slots

Casting a Spell at a Higher Level



Casting a Spell

Casting Time

Bonus Action



Longer Casting Times






Discussion of material component costs and how these can be, and should, be used to manage use of resurrection-type magic if you’re a DM who worries it’s “too easy to bring people back from the dead”.





A Clear Path to the Target

Targeting Yourself

Areas of Effect

Saving Throws

Attack Rolls

Combining Magical Effects

Arcane vs. Divine Magic

NOTE: Warlocks are actually listed as arcane casters, and I even said that. I was just getting pretty loopy at that point and totally overlooked it. 

Appendix A: Conditions & Exhaustion

The Not-Terribly-Useful Index

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