Game Master's Journey 147: D&D Beyond, Initiative Variants & Balancing House Rules

Lex discusses D&D Beyond, a new online tool for players and DMs. He also discusses how cutting words interacts with initiative rolls, a few initiative variants and using potions. He gives thoughts to consider when making house rules or rules variants—there’s more to it than what makes sense logically. Finally, he gives an update on his upcoming D&D adventure, The Trickster’s Labyrinth.

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Check out the cover art for The Trickster's Labyrinth

Check Out D&D Beyond

Bards & Downtime

Using cutting words to affect initiative

A note on death saves and items that give save bonuses

Warlocks as arcane casters

Bards are better healers than druids now.

Passive Insight

Initiative Variants

Using Potions

House Rules & Rulings

Making rulings and house rules isn’t just about logic or what makes sense in the real world. You have to consider the mechanics and balance of the game you’re playing.

Explaining, or not explaining, yourself to the players.

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