Game Master's Journey 150: Preparing for a D&D Session

Lex discusses how he prepared for an upcoming D&D session. He explains how he took a problem encounter and used it as an opportunity to reinforce the themes of the campaign and further the goals he has for this particular session and the campaign overall.

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Preparing for a session

Evaluating an encounter while keeping your specific group of PCs in mind

Interpreting the intentions of a published encounter

Keeping your goals for the session and encounter clear in mind and making sure you run the session and encounter in a way that furthers those goals

Evaluating the difficulty of an encounter for your specific group of PCs

An example of how to take an encounter that just won’t work for your party and run it such a way that it will work.

An example of how to take the disadvantage of an encounter that won’t work, and not only make it work, but also use it as an opportunity to improve the adventure overall by reinforcing the themes of the adventure, providing hooks into areas the PCs might skip otherwise and hooks into ways the PCs can learn information they wouldn’t learn otherwise.

There are always multiple ways to approach any encounter. Don’t get tunnel vision and limit yourself to one method. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and do whatever you need to do to make the most out of an encounter.

Getting in the head of your NPCs, yes, even monsters

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