GMJ 164: DMG Chapter 1: Creating Campaigns

Lex returns to his exploration of the DMG and discusses creating a campaign. Whether you’re creating your first campaign, or you’ve created so many you’ve lost count, the DMG has some tools to help you.

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Start small.

  1. Create a home base.
  2. Create a local region.
  3. Craft as starting adventure.

Set the stage with a player’s handout.

Involve the characters and help them flesh out their characters’ connections to your world by asking some questions.

Creating Backgrounds

NOTE: When I was discussing the Outlander background, I was really talking about the Hermit background. My bad. Sorry for the confusion.

Tracking Time

The basics

Physical cycles

Religious observances

Civic observances

Fantastic events

When thinking of the calendar for your world, you can use a real world calendar for inspiration. I recommend against renaming the days, months, years, etc. because it will only create confusion and slow gameplay at your table. Not only will a real calendar help you keep track of the passage of time in game, it can also be a great inspiration source for festivals and holidays.

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