GMJ 179: DMG Chapter 2: Creating a Multiverse

Lex shares what he learned from his latest D&D campaign. Then he begins a discussion of chapter 2 of the Dungeon Master's Guide: Creating a Multiverse. He covers the different types of planes and different ways you can fit them together into a cosmology. Finally he discusses some of the ways PCs can access and travel the planes.

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The Planes

Planar Categories

The Material Plane and Its Echoes (Feywild & Shadowfell)

The Transitive Planes (Astral & Ethereal)

The Inner (Elemental) Planes

The Outer Planes

The Positive and Negative Planes

Putting the Planes Together

Most D&D campaigns require the following elements:

  • An origin for fiends, celestials & elementals
  • A place for deities
  • A place where mortal spirits go after death
  • A way of getting from one plane to another
  • A way for spells & monsters that use the Astral and Ethereal planes to function

The Great Wheel

The World Tree

The World Axis

Other Visions

  • The Orrery
  • The Winding Road
  • Mount Olympus
  • Solar Barge
  • One World
  • The Otherworld

Planar Travel

Planar Portals

Portals have access requirements: time, situation, random, command word or key


Plane Shift


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