Game Master's Journey 180: Hacks for DMs, Handing Out Powerful Magic Items & Is Worldbuilding a Waste of Time?

Lex covers a variety of RPG topics today including getting PCs back to town at the end of the session in West Marches campaigns, Limitless Adventures' Limitless NPCs, stepping on toes, Jeremy Crawford's DM hacks and handing out legendary and other powerful magic items. Finally Lex discusses the belief that worldbuilding is a waste of the GM's time because the players won't care about the setting anyway.

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How to get PCs back to town in West Marches campaigns. This is response to a comment on episode 170.

Limitless Non Player Characters vol. 1 - 100 NPCs for your campaign my Limitless Adventures

Maybe stepping on toes isn't so bad?

Is worldbuidling a waste of the GM's time?

Jeremy Crawford's 9 Hacks for DMs

Handing out legendary and other powerful magic items

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