Game Master's Journey E07 - Dungeons & Dragons First Impressions

Gamemaster’s Journey is a podcast all about tabletop roleplaying games from the perspective of the captain’s chair. This is a great resource for GMs of all RPGs. Today I give my first impressions of Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition, and I tell you how you can run or play D&D on the cheap or even for free!

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Dungeons & Dragons

I’m building my own world!

I'm streaming Tyranny of Dragons on Twitch.

You can watch the videos and all my other actual play videos on my YouTube Channel.

5e on the cheap

You can get the basic rules PDFs for  players and DMs for free

The supplemental PDFs for Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat provide more monsters, spells and items. These are free as well.

You only need Player's Handbook for the rules. 

You can get the Player's Handbook on Amazon and help out Starwalker Studios!

The DMG has optional rules, magic items & treasure, and world building aids.

You can get the Dungeon Master's Guide on Amazon and help out Starwalker Studios!

I really like that it looks like there’s not going to be a mountain of splat books for this edition. The releases have been very modest so far.

You can get the Monster Manual on Amazon and help out Starwalker Studios!

Princes of the Apocalypse adventure coming April 7, 2015

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