Game Master's Journey E22 - Feats & Multiclassing in D&D

This is the season one finale episode! Today I’ll discuss feats and multiclassing in Dungeons & Dragons.

D&D is King on Roll20

The Orr Group (the makers of the Roll20 VTT) has reported that D&D 5e is the most played game on Roll20.


Game Master’s Roundtable of DOOM!

This month’s topic is lethality in games.

Roundtable #3 How we’ve changed as GMs.

Roundtable #2 Mechanics we love that would translate well to other games.

Roundtable #1 How to get better roleplaying from your players.

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Inspiration Strikes by Marc Plourde

Dread Unicorn Games Blog by John Marvin

Files and Records by John Clayton

I Live 4 Crits by Jim Walls

Goblin Punch by Arnold K.

Modifying Classes in D&D

Check out this awesome article from WotC about how to modify classes and archetypes in D&D. Included are two examples--a spell-less ranger and the Favored Soul.

Nerdarchy discusses this article in one of their videos.

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