GMJ 202: DMG Chapter 3: Creating Encounters

Today Lex returns to his exploration of the DMG with a discussion on creating encounters.

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Get the encounter building guidelines from Xanathar's Guide for free from the Unearthed Arcana (pdf direct download).

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Creating Encounters

Character Objectives

Creating A Combat Encounter

  • Combat encounter difficulty
  • Evaluating encounter difficulty
  • Party size
  • Multipart encounters
  • Building encounters on a budget
  • The adventuring day
  • Short rests

Modifying Encounter Difficulty

PLEASE NOTE: I made a mistake in my discussion of my proposed alternative system for awarding xp. The factors that impact the encounter difficulty (like the PCs being surprised) move the difficulty of the encounter up or down one step (e.g. from Hard to Deadly). It doesn't have any impact on the encounter multiplier for having multiple monsters. 

So a more correct example would be say I determine an encounter is Hard based on the monsters' adjusted xp (factoring in the multiple monsters multiplier). However, I then determine the encounter is in reality Deadly because the PCs have a disadvantage that their foes do not--let's say the PCs are all surprised. So I would award xp for a Deadly encounter, since that is more reflective of the actual difficulty of the encounter. 

Fun Combat Encounters

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