GMJ 217: Hinterlands of Elandria Vignette 08.1: Fir in Elandria

This episode is a vignette featuring Fir, the fire genasi lore master wizard. Fir returns to Elandria to report back to Druinda on what the party has found in the village of Dianara’s Rest. While she’s there, she learns some new spells, goes shopping for Lerissa, and acquires a new member of the party...sort of.

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Cast of Characters:

Brett playing Wahl, Protector Aasimar Oath of the Crown Paladin, Knight of the Order

Craig playing Quincy, Human Hunt Cleric of Dianara, goddess of the wilderness, Archaeologist

Danielle playing Gitfirhan, Fire Genasi Wizard, Lore Master, Alchemist's Apprentice, Hopis

Emmanuel playing Lerissa, Tiefling College of Glamour Bard, Courtier

Phoebe playing Bryn, Firbolg Circle of the Moon Druid of Dianara, goddess of wilderness, Outlander

The characters are currently 4th level.

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