Blood of the Avatars 21: Axis & Avatars | GMJ 252

Quincy and Wahl visit the Halls of Knowledge to learn more about avatars of the gods. They also speak with Druinda and learn more about the World Axis and the adventurers who broke the world.

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Learn more about the relic magic items wielded by the PCs in Lex’s latest D&D supplement!

Great Beginning Points of the Campaign:

Episode 184: Behind the Screen 1

Episode 195: Prelude 1

Episode 204: Session 1 Into the Wilds

All Previous Episodes in the Campaign:

Behind the Screen 01: Introduction to Primordia

Behind the Screen 02: Hinterlands of Elandria Campaign Preparation

Behind the Screen 03: Preparing Session 01: Into the Wilds

Behind the Screen 04: Running Session 01: Into the Wilds

Behind the Screen 05: Preparing for Session 2: The Hinterlands

Behind the Screen 06: Creating the Misty Wood Encounter Table

Prelude 1: Brett as Wahl Part 1

Prelude 2: Phoebe as Bryn

Prelude 3: Steve as Maligar

Prelude 4: Brett as Wahl Part 2

Prelude 5: Danielle as Gitfirhan

Prelude 6: Craig as Quincy

Prelude 7: Manny as Lerissa

Session 1: Into the Wilds

Session 2: The Hinterlands

Session 3: The Last Village

Session 4: Dianara's Rest

Session 5: Wining & Dining

Session 6: Fire by Night

Vignette 6.1: Wahl's Vision

Session 7: Into the Misty Wood

Session 8: Morsels for Petunia

Vignette 8.1: Fir in Elandria

Session 9: Magic & Brawn

Session 10: Critical Weasel

Prelude 7: Jaime as Marcos

Session 11: Journey to the Faerie Forest

Session 12: Faeries Wear Boots

Session 13: The Unicorn, the Dryad and the Great Faerie Oak Tree

Vignette 13.1: Wahl & Eliira

Vignette 13.2: Lerissa, Miguel, Dahlia and Logen

Vignette 13.3: Bryn & Anna

Session 14.1: Safari Chic

Session 14.2: Ezryn the Mad

Session 15.1: Aftermath

Session 15.2: Explanations

Session 16.1: Bacon Ninja Part 1

Session 16.2: Bacon Ninja Part 2

Session 17: Skedaddle Skedu

Session 18: Glamour Bard Outlaw

Session 19: Legacy of the Night Elves

Session 20: We Are SAMM

Cast of Characters:

Brett playing Wahl, Protector Aasimar Oath of the Crown Paladin of Elandra, goddess of civilization and knowledge, Knight of the Order background

Craig playing Quincy, Human Hunt Cleric of Dianara, goddess of the hunt and the wilderness, Archaeologist background

Danielle playing Gitfirhan, Fire Genasi Lore Master Wizard, Alchemist's Apprentice background

Manny playing Lerissa, Tiefling College of Glamour Bard, Courtier background

Phoebe playing Bryn, Firbolg Circle of the Moon Druid of Dianara, goddess of the hunt and the wilderness, Outlander background

NPCs Traveling with the Party:

Dahlia, a moth-winged orchid sprite. Lerissa’s friend from Faerie who was exiled by the Faerie Queen

Kravitz, Wahl’s celestial warhorse

The characters are currently 8th level.

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