Game Master's Journey 42 - How to Be a Better Player

We talk a lot about being a Game Master on this show, appropriately enough. But how can we be better players? Look on any online gaming community and you’ll see there are far more players looking for a GM than the other way around. How can you be the kind of player GMs want at their tables?

I mentioned on episode 17 that I wasn’t a fan of how settings like Forgotten Realms and Golarion have regions with very different flavor.

This is also relevant to Star Wars, in fact I think it’s even more relevant for many of us because the setting is so well known. I discussed running in such an established setting with Joshua Brown during our interview in episodes 32 and 33, so definitely check those out.

I talk a lot about being a GM on this show. Michael Christensen made a really interesting post on Google+ about how to be a good player. This is a really great idea for a topic, so I thought I’d discuss it on the show.

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