Game Master's Journey 45 - Improvisation in RPGs with Scott Kellogg Part 1

One of the most important tools in the GM’s toolbox is improvisation. Scott Kellogg joins me on the show today to discuss improvisation in roleplaying games.

Scott recommends the book Play Unsafe to learn more about improvisation in RPGs.

Scott is a big fan of Dungeon World and recommends it for improvisational games. Dungeon World is one of those most awesome games that have their full rules available for free, so check out the online SRD. Some specific insights from Dungeon World include "Play to find out what happens," don’t prepare anything for the first session, and be a fan of your players’ characters. They should be the most important people around.

Check out Scott's blog, Isle of Esk.

Learn more about the bands Scott performs in, Zero Boys and ask. You can also check out his solo album, Silver in Their Veins

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