Game Master's Journey 47 - Gaming as Cooperative Storytelling with Kevin LoadedDice & Evan Luis

Kevin and Evan from the Loaded Dice podcast network join me to discuss their Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign, The Whiskey Rebellion. We have a lot of laughs, with some insights into the system and gaming in general along the way.

In this first part of a three part interview, I talk with Kevin and Evan about the Edge of the Empire RPG and tabletop RPGs in general. Kevin and Evan's gaming style is heavily influenced by improvisational comedy, and they have some great ideas on how to bring more fun to your game. 

We discuss how the Star Wars dice facilitate cooperative storytelling, and we talk about how recruiting a co-GM or GM's assistant can be a huge help.

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Follow Evan on Twitter @evanluis. Please note that I incorrectly spelled his Twitter on the show. This is the correct one. Sorry Evan! 

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