Game Master's Journey 77 - Primordia AP 05: The Forgotten Tomb

The first adventure in Primordia continues, as the PCs enter the Forgotten Tomb.

This is the fifth installment of a series of actual play episodes. These episodes will chronicle my new D&D campaign in Primordia. These are a great complement to the worldbuilding episodes, as you can watch me run the game and see all the great ideas that come out for the world during play. 

This has been further edited from the videos on YouTube. I stream this campaign live every Thursday at 3:30 pm PST, and the videos are available for all time in an edited format on my YouTube channel.

Cast of Characters

Dwayne – Iorek, Tiefling Wild Magic Sorcerer, Urchin

Nathan – Samson, Human Order of the Immortal Psion, Banneret

Steve – Raith, Eladrin Bladesinger Fighter/Wizard, Outlander

Kyle – Sprout, Goliath Nature Cleric of Primordia, Acolyte

Chrissy – Azriel, Aasimar Great Old One Warlock, Outlander – Bounty Hunter

Worldbuilding Episodes:

  1. Brainstorming Big Picture Ideas
  2. The Gods Part 1
  3. The Gods Part 2
  4. Ancient History & PC Races
  5. Back to the Drawing Board - This is the beginning of Primordia
  6. Welcome to Primordia
  7. The Primordia Campaign Begins
  8. Building My First City Elandria

Building D&D Encounters Episodes

In these episodes I build some of the encounters for the campaign. This spoils the first adventure. Ye have been warned!

Building D&D Encounters Part 1
Building D&D Encounters Part 2

Other Actual Play Episodes

  1. Psionics & The Order of the Butterfly
  2. Character Creation & Backgrounds
  3. Characters & Opening Scene
  4. The Adventure Begins

Watch the actual play videos for the campaign on YouTube:

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