Game Master's Journey 94 - Worldbuilding 9: My Take on Alignment

This week I discuss my philosophy when it comes to alignment in D&D. This philosophy has some mechanical effects on the game which result in consequences for my world of Primordia. Removing any mechanical effects of alignment from the game  influences certain magic items as well as the deities and the outer planes. I explain how my exploration of alignment in fifth edition really helped me to arrive at some exciting new ideas for my world, and how those ideas then helped me nail down the mechanical impacts (or lack thereof) of alignment in my D&D games.

I will be running Curse of Strahd, and I'll be livestreaming it on YouTube and producing actual play episodes for Game Master's Journey. I give some thoughts on how I'll be approaching this adventure.

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You can now discuss Primordia on Reddit.

My Take on Alignment   

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