Game Master's Journey 95 - The Social Contract with Christopher Ruthenbeck

Christopher from Shark Bone Podcast joins me on the show to discuss the social contract for your tabletop RPG. We explain what a social contract is, and how you can use it to avoid problems before they start. We share a host of ideas and thoughts to help you nail down the social contract that will work for you and your own group. One of the jobs of a GM is to manage the table and the players and create an environment where everyone can be comfortable to be creative. The social contract is an excellent tool to help you do just that.

The ellipsis trick from FATE:

When describing a combat action, use one sentence with an ellipsis (...) in the middle. It’s enough to give some flavor without being too much and bogging things down. First half of the sentence is the description of attack, make the attack roll (...), then second half of the sentence is the description of the outcome. Learn more

Lines & Veils

Learn more about lines and veils.

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Google Plus:  +ChristopherRuthenbeck
Twitter: @EldritchFire

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