Game Master's Journey 97 - Return to Ravenloft

Today I discuss my return to a beloved campaign setting--Ravenloft. I wax nostalgic about my memories of Ravenloft, and I talk about my plans for my own Curse of Strahd campaign.

Curse of Strahd Resources

Tracy Hickman and Chris Perkins discuss Curse of Strahd on the D&D podcast.

You can catch my Curse of Strahd campaign on my YouTube channel.

Get the Curse of Strahd character options for free.

You can download the Death House adventure for free.

If you're going to run Death House, check out my blog post with fixed encounters.

Strahd's 5e statblock teased on Wizards' Tumblr & Facebook.

Background – The Haunted One. Has already been corrected.

Watch my Curse of Strahd campaign on YouTube

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