GM Intrusions E56 - Season Finale

In the finale episode of season one I’ll talk a bit about the past and future of the show. I’ll share with you how I ran my first 100% on-the-fly adventure for Numenera. If I can do it, you can too! Finally, I talk about trading damage for effect and Dissicaeli. This episode is dedicated to the listeners and Patrons of GM Intrusions. Thank you for a great year!

Opening Segment

End of Season One

There will still be an Obsidian Monolith next week, but this is the last GMI of season one.

Thank you listeners for a great year! This truly is a special community.

Year in Review

What’s in store for Season Two?

More interviews with the folks at MCG and listeners like you!

Actual play episodes.

We’re going to YouTube!

  • Actual Plays
  • Hangouts
  • Perhaps even live recordings of the show where you can watch and ask questions

Changes to the Patron Hangout

Will now be viewable by all listeners live and later on YouTube. I will share the link on the GMI G+ Community page.

Day and time will be determined each month based on when the most Patrons can make it.

If we ever don’t enough Patrons show for a good discussion, I may invite listeners from the audience into the hangout.

Listeners will be able to submit text questions to me in the Hangout. If there’s time, I’ll answer them.

Updated GM Intrusions List of Awesome!

GMI Listener Challenge, a call to action!

Numenera is a multiple ENnie award-winning game, written by one of the biggest names in the RPG industry.

It is unacceptable that still today, most gamers I encounter have never heard of it.

During the break try to find at least one gamer who’s never heard about Numenera and tell them about it. Even better, get them into your group, or run a one-shot.

It would be great to hear from you about this. I’d be happy to share your stories on the air when we begin season two.

Obsidian Monolith T-shirts!

Link in the shownotes.

Designed by my wife, Nikki.

Available for order until the 14th of October. Ends today 10pm!

Men’s shirts, women’s shirts, and a sweatshirt. A few color options.

Under the Lens

Basing an On-the-Fly Adventure on images

System is easy, can spend your time planning your next move.

Creatures/NPCs are easy to create on the fly, from just an image!

Cyphers and artifacts are also easy to create on-the-fly. Don’t have to worry about balance at all with cyphers.

Artifacts are balanced by depletion.

Check out all the images on the FB group and G+ community.

Trading Damage for Effect

Numenera corebook page 113

Thank you Jeremy Land for this catch!

You add the creature’s level to the number on the table to determine how must damage you must trade for the effect.

Makes sense that the level would come into play.

You’re basically buying a major or minor effect. I thought these were under-priced!

Antagonists & Protagonists


The Ninth World Bestiary page 146


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