GMI E62 The Obsidian Monolith AP Session 02 Part 2 - Numenera Hunters

This is the second part of the second session. We join the game in progress as the players divvy up the cyphers they’ve found in the destruction left by their encounter with the Yellow Swarm (thanks to Tianma’s superpower of breaking things). We also have some discussion of the yellow swarm encounter.

In this episode the PCs encounter more hazards within the Windmill. It contains another challenging encounter complete with some GM Intrusions. 

We end the session dividing up artifacts, and we also have some various rules discussions.

Obsidian Monolith Episodes of Game Master's Journey

OM 01 - Preparing for an Adventure
OM 02 - Laying the Foundation for your Campaign
OM 03 - Location, Location, Location
OM 04 - Prepping and Running a Numenera Session
OM 05 - The Town of Bonespir
OM 06 - The Windmill in the Woods
OM 07 - Connecting Adventures Together
OM 08 - The Village of the Culovas
OM 09 - The Machine of the Emols
OM 10 - The Conclusion of the Campaign

Actual Play (Audio)

Session 01 Part 1 - The Town of Bonespir
Session 01 Part 2 - The Windmill in the Woods
Session 01 Part 3 - Inside the Windmill
Session 02 Part 1 - The Swarm from Hell
Session 02 Part 2 - Numenera Hunters
Session 03 Part 1 - The Order of Tianma
Session 03 Part 2 - Bugbusters
Session 04 Part 1 - The Man They Called Zain
Session 04 Part 2 - Madame Saydle's Wondrous Soup

Actual Play (Video)

The YouTube playlist includes the first session and sessions 8-12.

Cast of Characters:

Craig Edwards as Zain a strong-willed glaive who focuses mind over matter.

Jeremy Land as Ferrous, a cruel nano who needs no weapon.

Jon Wright as Tianma, a clumsy jack who commands mental powers.  

Written & GM’ed by yours truly, Lex Starwalker

One player is missing—Kearns who plays Kalow, a graceful jack who talks to machines.

Monte Cook's article on Alternate Reality Sessions for handling player absence 

I talk about this method in some detail in episode 22 of GM Intrusions.

The second encounter in this episode turned out to be much more of a challenge than I thought. I like to call it the Swarm from Hell. I gave my thoughts on this encounter and what I learned from it in episode 50 of GM Intrusions.


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