GMI E55 The Obsidian Monolith 05 - The Town of Bonespir

Today I’ll talk about the town of Bonespir, a small logging town on the edge of the Westwood in Navarene. This is where the campaign will begin, and will serve as a home base for the PCs.

TM and © 2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC

TM and © 2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC

The Obsidian Monolith continues in the Game Master's Journey podcast.

OM 01 - Preparing for an Adventure
OM 02 - Laying the Foundation for your Campaign
OM 03 - Location, Location, Location
OM 04 - Prepping and Running a Numenera Session
OM 05 - The Town of Bonespir
OM 06 - The Windmill in the Woods
OM 07 - Connecting Adventures Together
OM 08 - The Village of the Culovas
OM 09 - The Machine of the Emols
OM 10 - The Conclusion of the Campaign

Actual Play (Audio)

Session 01 Part 1 - The Town of Bonespir
Session 01 Part 2 - The Windmill in the Woods
Session 01 Part 3 - Inside the Windmill
Session 02 Part 1 - The Swarm from Hell
Session 02 Part 2 - Numenera Hunters
Session 03 Part 1 - The Order of Tianma
Session 03 Part 2 - Bugbusters
Session 04 Part 1 - The Man They Called Zain
Session 04 Part 2 - Madame Saydle's Wondrous Soup

Actual Play (Video)

The YouTube playlist includes the first session and sessions 8-12.

Planning the First Adventure


The taking of the Culovan lands.

The Order of Truth and their Crusade against the Gaians


South – rich farmland

Hierarchy: Queen-small number of aristocratic families-wealthy land owners-simple farmers & herders

  • North – forts protecting border with the Beyond.
  • Westwood – redwoods, culovas claim the majority of the Westwood.
  • Eastern edge many mills that supply lumber – major export, redwood especially prized.
  • Could do a story of a small logging town with an uneasy truce with the nearby culovas.
  • Emols – noble family with a huge logging machine. Charina Emol is the head of the family. She is paying a 10 shin bounty for culova heads.
  • Perhaps the Emols are a major competitor with my logging town. The people of the town have made peace with the culovas. The culovas ask for help against the Emols and those who hunt them.

Beginning Concepts

The town is built among the fossilized bones of some huge unknown creature from a previous age.

The people are simple, honest folk.

There is one Aeon Priest in the town.


Read the full adventure and campaign here.

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