GM Intrusions E67 - Selling the Cypher System

This week I give my best sales pitch for the Cypher System and some thoughts on introducing new players, so if you’re wondering whether to buy in, this episode’s for you! I also cover a brand new Strange adversary, the Catastrophe Cloud in A&P.

TM and © 2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC

TM and © 2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC

Opening Segment

Patron campaign is getting Strange!

We’re playing The Strange for the next few sessions. I’ll probably run The Dark Spiral. If you’re interested, now is a great time to become a patron!

We played another session of Numenera last week. It’s available on the Starwalker Studios YouTube channel.

I came up with my own monster to throw at the party—my Ninth World reimagining of a classic vampire. I call it the Nano Feeder, although one of my players dubbed it the Raisin Vampire. I did a write up of it on the GM Intrusions Google+ page. You can read all about it here.

December Patron Hangout

Sunday, December 7th at 2pm EST. If you’re eligible, you should’ve received an invite. Google+ should adjust for your time zone.

Please answer the survey about the January hangout. Should’ve received an email from Doodle.

The November Hangout is available to view on the Starwalker Studios YouTube channel.

The Obsidian Monolith & Obsidian Monolith Actual Play episodes

I think the OM AP is a great supplement to OM, which is a great supplement to GMI. I want to continue the pattern I’ve set, where I put out an OM episode where I discuss how I came up with an adventure, then put out the AP episodes of that adventure.

I see two ways to handle this.

1.)       I do a regular GMI episode every week. I edit the AP as I can. As I get AP episodes edited, I put them out (and their companion OM episode) as bonus content. This means you may go a few weeks with no OM or OMAP episodes, and then you may have bonus episodes for a few weeks.

2.)       I occasionally (perhaps once per month) replace a regular GMI episode with an OM episode. This will allow me to spend some of the time I devote to GMI to work on editing the AP and producing OM.

Please visit the poll on the GMI G+ page and let me know your opinion.

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Under the Lens – Why I love the Cypher System

I often see potential new players online that want someone to “sell them” the Cypher System. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Easy to learn, easy to teach, easy to run, easy to play.

Easy to create NPCs. My Nano Feeder is a perfect example. It took maybe five minutes to come up with, and that time was spent coming up with flavor and storytelling elements, not system. Very little difference than if I were coming up with it for a story.

Easy to adjudicate, even if you don’t know a particular rule, even if you guess, there’s a good chance you’ll be “right”.

Goldilocks Zone of crunch.

Combat is fast, but there are still tactics and strategies involved. Again, Goldilocks.

It’s fast and easy to make really interesting characters.

Works well with different genres and settings.

Very easy to come up with your own systems and house rules.

The GM doesn’t roll. I can’t over state how huge this is. I’m now spoiled and really wonder about any game that wants me to roll dice as GM.

It handles all situations well, not just combat. Although both games are VERY heavily focused on combat (more on this next week), you could easily make your own game that is more focused on other things, like social situations, overcoming intellectual problems, etc.

It’s very easy to make the game YOU want to run.

The system works. There’s NO need to make houserules or “fix” anything.

Antagonists & Protagonists – Catastrophe Cloud

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