GM Intrusions E73 - Interview with Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck joins me on the show today to discuss the Shotguns and Sorcery Kickstarter. I also review the Numenera adventure The Sun Below City on the Edge by Dread Unicorn Games.

GM Intrusions Roundtable – Matt Forbeck

Shotguns and Sorcery Kickstarter

Starwalker Review

The Sun Below City on the Edge by John W.S. Marvin

John and I talk about this product in E72 of GM Intrusions.

Bonus Web Features at Dread Unicorn Games.

This is a 60 page, full color pdf. It is well written and edited. It also includes a 12 page bestiary of original creatures, as well as two new species--hermaphroditic humanoids and plant people!

You can run this with any tier of group. Thanks to the innovative way John scales encounters in-line, you can adapt each encounter to your party without flipping any pages. There are also guidelines for adapting for a party that is larger or smaller in number than average.

The adventure is set in a whole new “world” beneath the surface of the Ninth World, and can be begun nearly anywhere. Because of this and the level scaling, it’s very easy to use this in an established campaign, no matter where you are or what tier the characters are.

There are great suggestions for getting the PCs involved in the adventure, as well as advice for foreshadowing this adventure earlier in the campaign.

The adventure is laid out just like The Devil’s Spine, complete with corebook callouts, NPC and creature stats in the margins, page references for this supplement itself, etc. 

The innovative Mook system for throwing large numbers of adversaries at your party without bogging down play. Other innovative mechanics include artifacts with quirks and items that do special things on rolls of 17 or better.

Read-out-loud text included in colored boxes with great descriptions.

Lots & lots of GM Intrusions!

Loaded with artwork and maps.

See how your players react to the reality of slavery in the Ninth World.

New artifacts & cyphers.

A GM can learn a lot from this adventure, even if you don’t run it.

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