GM Intrusions E26 - Interview with Tom Dullemond

Tom Dullemond joins the show to discuss running and creating adventures for Numenera.  Stay tuned for the Wrap Up at the end of the show, for I’ll be announcing the winners of the GM Intrusions Listener Appreciation Contest.

So grab your dice and get ready to spend some effort!  It's time for a GM Intrusion.

Sir Tom Dullemond on Twitter: @Cacotopos
Tom's Blog:


Perdido Street Station, The Scar, Iron Council by China Mieville
Requiem for Homo Sapiens Trilogy by David Zindell
Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan

Art Assets for Numenera

Tom Dullemond is a Dutch writer and software developer living in Australia with his gamer family. He's been roleplaying for almost 25 years and is a hardcore Numenera backer and Friend of the Show.  He writes primarily short speculative fiction with an emphasis on the Weird, and has co-authored a middle grade philosophical adventure novel, The Machine Who Was Also a Boy as well as writing a regular science fiction column in Australia's High School science magazine, The Helix. He's currently contemplating writing for the Numenera system while working on his next book and trying to juggle being a parent and a gamer.