Guardians of Destiny E05 - Life After 20

Today I talk about the game after level 20.

Experiences in the game

The game needs to replace people who drop the strike team better. Doing a strike with two people is really rough.

I don’t like how the game “forces” you to PvP and raid. You need crucible marks to buy gear from any of the three factions. Basically all you can get with vanguard marks is vanguard gear, which doesn’t have the stats I want. It sounds like you need to raid to get the mats to upgrade exotic gear. I wish Bungie would take another page from the MMO book and allow equal progression via PvP or PvE.

Listener Question

Mark Rea wants to know:

I would love to hear you talk about factions and your thoughts on Bungie's lack of instructions/explanations (tough for non PC/first time MMO players).

I’d like to point out that even in MMOs end-game advancement isn’t usually completely spelled out for you in-game. You have to do research online. It’s just that MMO players are used to this. You’re often doing research online long before endgame for things like dungeons, PvP and crafting.

I agree it would be nice if there was more info in-game, but I’m not surprised there isn’t. As I said, even in MMOs this info wasn’t all provided in game, and those were on PC. Console games are MUCH more limited.

This is a new age of video games. Web sites and apps are as much a part of the game now as the game itself. We need to adapt to this. 

Here's a great guide on what to do after level 20.

Basically advancement after 20 is all gear-based. You get light from gear, which levels you. You still earn experience in order to unlock your class abilities, upgrade weapons, and each xp “level” you earn you receive a mote of light.


As you level to 20 you can get reputation with the Vanguard (PvE) through world events, bounties and strikes (also daily and weekly heroics), and you can get rep with the Crucible (PvP) through crucible matches. Higher levels of rep unlock more gear, and you need the marks to buy it. The item descriptions will tell you the rep you need.

Right now there is also the Queen’s faction.

There are three other factions as well: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult and New Monarchy. They each have a vendor in the tower. Rep works the same as the other factions, only these three only take crucible marks. To earn rep with these factions, you buy a class item from them and wear it while doing bounties, strikes, crucible, etc.

Noob Tips

You can see your buffs from consumables on your character screen. Usually they give you more glimmer from certain enemies. There will be a small round icon left of your character. If you mouse over it, it will show how much time is left.

Switch to the weapons and subclass you want to level up before handing in bounties and quest items.

Choose your abilities and weapons based on your activity (this is another MMO trick). For instance, it’s best have a different build for pvp, strikes, missions, etc.

Don’t get too fixated on rewards. Like MMOs this game can be very grindy. If all you do is focus on progression, you will get frustrated. Take time off to do things that are fun, regardless of whether or not they aid in your progression. Things like exploring to find chests and ghosts, replaying story missions on harder difficulties, whatever you enjoy. 

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