Guardians of Destiny E07 - Choosing a Faction

I’ll share my experiences in the game, and I’ve got a few more noob tips for you. I’ll also talk a bit more about factions, and give you some pointers on choosing the one that’s right for you.

Noob Tips

You can get the speeder upgrade by finding all 5 chests on Earth. This is really easy to do. You won’t get the speeder upgrade from a quest until your first mission on Mars.

Here’s a great guide to help you find the gold chests.

If you game with a good headset, you can hear the presence of nearby chests and resources (spin metal, helium coils, etc.). If you can hear one, but can’t find it, look up, or look on the other side of a nearby wall. Unfortunately walls and other obstacles don’t block sound like they should. Mobs will often sound like they’re right on top of you when they’re really in the next room.

When you get an exotic item, I suggest you keep the purple it’s replacing, especially if you’ve upgraded it. You may one day get a better exotic item in another slot, and if you do, you’ll be glad you still have that old purple.

Tip from a listener, Steve O on Twitter:

Hold off on purchasing the last defense upgrades on your legendary items until you get your exotic armor item. You want to save your ascendant shards to upgrade your exotic, because Vanguard gear won’t get you to 30. Once you have your exotic upgraded, then you can upgrade the purple items as needed. Also, if you’re going to raid, save your mats to upgrade those drops as opposed to Vanguard or Crucible gear.

I assume the same advice applies to weapons and ascendant energy (or whatever it’s called).

Each level of rep takes 500 more rep to reach than the one before (at least up to rank 4), so if you want to maximize the rewards you get from rep levels, once you hit vanguard 3 it’s time to join a faction, even if you won’t buy the gear. I’d still pick the faction that fits your play style best, because you never know what they may have in the future.

I wouldn’t take this too far. I’d bet money in the future there will be gear for Vanguard rank 4+.

Choosing A Faction

First, buy your class item (hunter cloak, titan mark, or warlock bond) from the faction you want to join and equip it (the item is bought with Glimmer). Now, anytime you’d earn rep with the Vanguard or Crucible, you’ll instead earn it with your chosen faction.

Your choice of faction will ideally be based on armor attribute bonuses.

Intellect – reduces super cool-down

Discipline – reduces grenade cool-down

Strength – reduces melee cool down


Future War Cult – Intellect & Discipline (Super & Grenade)

Dead Orbit – Discipline & Strength (Grenade & Melee)

New Monarchy – Intellect & Strength (Super & Melee)

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