Guardians of Destiny E08 - Doctor Nope and the Comedian

Nikki joins the show today to catch us up with what she’s been up to in the game. We also have some tips and resources to aid you on your path to level 30.

Eric Grella wrote with some more information on getting to 30.

You will never be able to reach level 30 without raid gear. I have an exotic helmet and fully upgraded legendary armor and only reached level 29. Raid gear maxes out at 436 Defense as opposed to the 402 of regular legendary armor.

Hector Polanco also wrote in with some helpful information.

I'm a fan of the show and just finished your most recent episode and wanted to give you more information on factions and some  good reasons to continue leveling factions.  I have reached rank 3 for both Dead Orbit and New Monarchy and noticed that I received a legendary weapon for each faction when reaching level 3.  So I would recommend switching to a new faction after level 3.   I'm currently working on FWC.  I'm curious to see what happens after reaching 4, so I may go back to Vanguard after FWC . 
Also your Vanguard marks and Crucible marks cap at 200!!!  A lot of people don't know this and find out the hard way. 
If you didn't already know, the only way to reach 30 is to have all raid gear or a combination of one exotic piece and the rest raid.  Exotics and raid armor pieces each can reach a light level of 30 and you need a total of 120 light from all armor combined to reach level 30. 
So with that said what would someone like me do with faction gear?  The best thing to do is buy as much as you can with Vanguard and Crucible marks and dismantle.  Each piece will give you at least two shards which you will need to upgrade armor.  
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