Guardians of Destiny E06 - Nikki Shoots Guardians in the Face

Nikki joins the show today. She’s passed level 20 now too! Nikki discusses her first PvP experience, and we’ll talk about what we’ve been up to in the game.

Experiences in the game

Exotic Bounty Guide

If you get offered exotic bounties, go online and do your research before you pick one. You can only have one exotic weapon and one exotic armor equipped at a time, and these bounties are really involved, so make sure you get the one for the weapon you want.

What’s the deal with factions?

Ok, now I’m confused. I checked the three pvp factions, and their gear isn’t any better than the vanguard gear. Why are there 5 factions (vanguard, crucible, dead orbit, future war cult, new monarchy) all with similar gear??? The only difference I can see is the weapons the gear gives buffs to.

So I guess the game doesn’t force you to pvp as much as I thought, but there are 4 pvp factions to choose from, and only 1 pve.

I really don’t get this. In MMOs there are differences in the factions and real reasons to grind rep with one, a few or all of them. I really don’t see the point of these factions, and I don’t see why someone would take the time to grind rep with them.

Noob Tips

Be careful on using up your weapon parts to upgrade blue items. Save some back for your legendary, because it takes a lot, I think 16 a pop.

Look at the armor you plan on getting and note the upgrade mats. You might want to save back something like helium for that. I turned in all my helium to the vanguard, and then needed to farm it to upgrade my armor.

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