Guardians of Destiny E12 - Age of Gaming

Guardians of Destiny is a podcast devoted to the new shared-world shooter by Bungie.

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I’m sorry to announce that this will be the last episode of Guardians of Destiny.

We’d hoped to do this podcast for a good long while, but the game just hasn’t lived up to expectations. I really enjoy the game play of Destiny, but the lack of content and story is more than disappointing.

It hasn’t even been 3 months and I’m bored with the game.

The announced material in the first expansion sounds like a few days’ worth of gameplay.

There also aren’t the continual content additions we’d expected.

There’s just not enough to talk about for me to do a weekly podcast.

I also don’t feel right promoting a game and company that put out so much hype and false advertising and then failed to deliver.

Instead, we are launching a new podcast, Age of Gaming, in which we will discuss any and all games that we’re currently playing and enjoying. Nikki will be joining me on that show as well as other guests.

We will primarily be discussing PS4 and PC games, as those are the systems we have, but who knows what the future holds?

We both preordered both Destiny expansions, so it’s very likely we’ll talk about Destiny on Age of Gaming when those come out.

I hope you’ll check out the new show. You can find it here

It will also be on iTunes very soon. It will be released every Wednesday.

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