Guardians of Destiny E03 - The Sword of Crotas

Today I’ll talk about my experiences in the game, and I’ll give my thoughts on some of the reviews we’ve been hearing about Destiny.

Experiences in the game

I’m now level 12!

The Sword of Crotas—much easier with some help!

You can resume missions, even if you’ve done other missions since. Very cool!

My accidental achievement for changing my mind.

What is the point of the class item? I’m assuming/hoping at some point they actually have stats.

Response to some negative reviews

A lot seem to be people power leveling through the game, doing nothing but the story quests.

A lot seem to be based more on the game not living up to (over-hyped/unrealistic/misinformed) preconceptions as opposed to based on what the game IS.

There are a few different aspects to the game:

  • Story Missions
  • Exploring areas for broken ghosts and chests
  • PvP via the Crucible
  • Strikes
  • Raids
  • Cooperative Multiplayer

If you’ve “beat the game” and haven’t done all these things, in all fairness you’re not in a position to say the game doesn’t have enough to it.

Repetitive gameplay. This is almost every game on the planet. Diablo III example.

It’s unfortunate these negative reviews are getting so much attention now, because for every negative review there are dozens of people loving the game. I’ve seen a few negative reviews, or posts from people on Google+ from people who don’t like the game. I’ve seen countless posts by people who are LOVING the game. Don’t let the haters bring you down!

Bungie has said they intend to keep updating this game, and hope to do so for years. Like MMOs there will be additions to the game. We’ve already had a Raid added. Pace yourself, enjoy the scenery, and be patient.

A review is just one person’s opinion.

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