Guardians of Destiny E04 - Queen's Wrath

Today I’ll talk about my experiences getting to level 20. I’ve also found some good reviews and tips for the game. Finally I’ll talk a bit about the Queen’s Wrath event.

Experiences in the game

Hit Level 20!

Finished missions on Venus, ready to go to Mars

Bought a new ship and a new speeder, but then found that last mission on Venus gives a ship and level 15 mission on Mars gives a speeder upgrade. Is this the same speeder I already bought, or something better?

I like how the bounties remind you of things you can do other than shooting! E.g. the bounty to kill 30 opponents with your melee attack. I had a lot of fun with that. Bounty to kill 3 or more opponents at a go with your super.

Found a Reviewer Who Knows What’s Up

David Houghton on

Worried about destiny’s longevity or level cap? You don’t understand Destiny

I write a lot of reviews. I know how long they take to craft. I know how long they take to upload to a website and design as a page. So I can take a good guess at how much play-time I can take off any Destiny verdict already delivered. And so far they’ve all come too soon….
No, it might well not be the first one you read, but I don’t care about that. On a game like Destiny, I’m not interested in chasing the perceived traffic win that supposedly comes inherent to the first review to hit the ‘net. I’m interested in really understanding this game, getting it right, and telling you what you really need to know. I understand why others haven’t taken that route, but if I’m investing this much time in playing Destiny and communicating it to you, I want to make sure that we all get the maximum value out of that experience.

Destiny Full Review

10 things to do in Destiny before you die 

Hidden finds in Destiny

Destiny Guide

Queen’s Wrath Event

Special bounties

New area up the stair behind the bounty robot. You’ll find the Queen’s Emissary, Petra Venj, there.

Get faction with the queen by turning in bounties.

Get class items, weapons, shaders and emblems.

Here’re some details about the items you can get

Lasts untill October 6.

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