Planeswalkers of Nyx: E01 - Maiden Voyage into Nyx

We begin our maiden voyage with a brief introduction of ourselves and the podcast.  We tell you what we're drinking, and then we give you our flavor picks of the week in Magically Delicious.  In the Beginner's Bone segment we talk about Magic 2014 and the Spellslingers web series.  We review the Theros Intro Packs in Starwalker Review.  Our Format Favorites segment this week is all about Wizards' Tower.  Finally, in Magical Artistry we introduce you to the work of Peter Mohrbacher, the brushwielder of Erebos.


Magically Delicious - Flavor Picks of the Week

Rise of the Dark Realms (M14 Mythic Rare)

“For every living person, there are generations of dead. Which realm would you rather rule?” —Liliana Vess

Viper’s Kiss (Theros Common)

"I could heal a snakebite. Looks like you got bitten by a constellation." —Aescalos, healer of Pharika

Pharika's Mender (Theros Uncommon)

"The direst venom becomes a panacea under Pharika's guidance. I bring it to the worthy, clinging at the edge of the abyss."

Beginner’s Bone

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Starwalker Review – Theros Intro Packs

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