The Trickster's Labyrinth


The Trickster's Labyrinth


A 5th Edition Fantasy Adventure for 3rd Level Characters

The PCs find themselves trapped in a strange labyrinth. They’ve arrived by magical means, and they can’t go back the way they came. They have no idea where this labyrinth is located. As they explore the labyrinth and try to find their way out, they may learn that everything is not as it seems, and the difference between an enemy and an ally can be difficult to discern. 

Escape is not easy, and a fate worse than death awaits those who fall.

Features of This Adventure

  • Advice on using the adventure as a stand-alone adventure or as part of an ongoing campaign
  • Advice on using the adventure as a segue to get PCs from one place to another, or even from one world or plane to another
  • Advice on creating new 3rd level characters
  • Advice on expanding the adventure
  • Advice on returning to the adventure later for a final show-down
  • Takes level 3 characters to 5th level
  • Designed for parties of 4-5 PCs
  • Advice given for larger and smaller parties
  • Will keep your group adventuring for at least 3-5 four-hour sessions
  • 38 pages
  • 7 new monsters
  • 2 new magic items
  • High-res pdf of the adventure
  • High-res player map, optimized for Roll20
  • High-res GM map, optimized for Roll20

Version History

1.00 - Release version.
1.01 - Rewrote some confusing text about the vistas.
1.02 - Fixed some minor layout issues with section headings occurring at the bottom of a column. 
1.03 - Corrected a few typos and fixed a minor layout issue with right versus left pages.

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