Through the Rift: E02 - Rifts

In this episode we cover news from the latest Trion lifestream, including the loss of Elrar from the Rift community.  We also discuss rifts in depth, achievements, and some tips & tricks for new and veteran players alike.

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Earth Rift. Go!

Earth Rift. Go!

What we’re doing in game and what we’re drinking

Nikki: Full Sail ESB

Lex: Dale’s Pale Ale

Rift Headlines

We joined Elizabeth Toby (Dahanese), Greg Lobbs (OverloadUT), the Senior Systems Designer and Kiwi from Rift Dream Dimensions on the Friday Livestream Extravaganza (every Friday at 1:30pm PDT).

Dahanese posted on the forums to inform us that Elrar the former Community Manager is no longer with Trion. We encourage everyone interested to read her second post.

Main Segment: Rifts!


Tips & Tricks

Role/Equip/Wardrobe macro

/saveequip 1

role 1
loadequip 1
wardrobe 1

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