Through the Rift: E05 - Gathering & Crafting

In this episode we talk all about professions in Rift.  We discuss gathering and crafting in depth, including some tips on how to make money in game with your professions.  We also discuss some gathering and crafting related achievements in our Overachievers segment.  In Tips & Tricks we answer a listener question about how to choose your professions.  In Guild Perks we discuss how guild quests and guild levels work, and we give some advice on running guild events.


What we’re doing in game and what we’re drinking

Nikki and Lex: Delirium Tremens

Main Segment: Gathering and Crafting


  • Butchering (Outfitter, Armorsmithing, Apothecary)
  • Foraging (Artificer, Weaponsmithing,  Apothecary)
  • Fishing (Survival)
  • Mining (Artificer, Armorsmith, Weaponsmithing)


  • Augments
  • Dimension items
  • Apothecary
  • Survival
  • Armorsmithing
  • Outfitter
  • Artificer
  • Weaponsmithing
  • Runecrafting


Gathering Achievements

Crafting Achievements

Tips & Tricks

Venganza asked us a question on Twitter about professions.

Guild Perks

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